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YBC Vedic Foundation

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Orissa India


Ashrams / Villages (Yagnas performances Locations):

All Registered & Authorized by Local Authorities

(Map, Directions, and Transportation options provided to Members attending to their own Yagnas in person)



For Emergencies only: +91.22-6645-9712

(for life threatening situation only, otherwise use online form)



Attorneys - India

Jaykumar Safari 
Makhija & Associates 
12/160 Daulat Nagar, 
Thane East 400603 M.S. India


Attorneys - USA

Raj Abhyanker LLP
1580 W. El Camino Real Suite 8
Mountain View, CA 94040, USA
(and Bangalore office)

India Coordinators

Brahmins families : all trustees of YBC Vedic Foundation